The Stratford Road Project aimed to produce a social document of people in Birmingham during 2011 and 2012. With the focus on a single arterial road carrying people from near the city centre to the suburbs and beyond, a cross-section of society could be taken. Whilst ultimately restricted in it’s ability to capture a true sample of the community, a diverse and multinational landscape is recorded. One-hundred people took part in the project which covers Sparkbrook, Sparkhill, Springfield, Hall Green and Shirley.

Rob Gilbert began photography during university in 2006 and enjoys documenting trips, events and life. Since graduating in 2008 he’s worked as a Civil Engineer and is based in Birmingham.

See also, rgphoto, flickr and twitter @robertgilbert86.

4 Responses to About

  1. Rosie says:

    Superb picture of my dad – Alan, bus driver on the #6 route! Thank you.

  2. Andy Mabbett says:

    Nice “hyperlocal” blog; for more exposure, you can add it to the directory of such sites, at http://openlylocal.com/hyperlocal_sites – you might also like to join other local bloggers in helping people from non-profit organisations, new to blogging, at one of Birmingham’s Social Media Surgeries: http://socialmediasurgery.com/

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