Update – May 2012

It’s almost been two months since the last post here so here’s an update to share what’s next.

Since finishing the project in March 2012 I’ve been busy starting a new job and another blog over at England-Is about urban and rural English landscapes. It’s a kind of guide to England’s mundane and picturesque sights with a bit of culture on top.

In the week between jobs I starting making a book of the project for myself. It’s turned out to be quite a nice way to present the pictures so I’ll try and integrate this with the blog in future. As part of the finalisation I went through the entire set of portraits trying to make the processing, composition and style of the photos consistent, including turning a few landscape orientation shots around (I plan to post about these changes). I’ve also been making [very] slow progress in the possibility of having the project exhibited somewhere in Birmingham but funding could be a hurdle. If you have experience of this please tell!

Many people viewing this project have probably only seen the latter half of the hundred portraits so I’ve a planned series of posts focusing on themes and motifs within the greater set. Initial ideas are hats, glasses, stories, couples so stay tuned for those.

In the meantime check out the work Talk About Local do for hyperlocal bloggers (they were also kind enough to ‘award’ this blog with the Best Photography 2012 title which was a nice surprise last week).


All one-hundred portraits ordered in the location they were taken from near Birmingham city centre outwards.

About Rob Gilbert

Civil engineer and amateur photographer.
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