Hall Green – 23/03/12

Yasin was on his way to shops in Springfield from Hall Green today. He’s studying internal design at college and looks forward to joining the family business of property development afterwards. [1080]

Annie was late for a salon appointment but hadn’t had to travel far from her Hall Green house. She moved in eight years ago thinking it would be a home for life and beneficial to her late son but the changes to the local parade since warrant a change of scene for her. Annie works for the NHS Stop Smoking Service and visits schools to give advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle – something the numerous local fast-food outlets don’t help. [1130]

Mark has lived in many Birmingham districts over his 90-odd years but now resides in Hall Green. He served in two wars, having kept getting called up again, and spent 44 years at Birmingham City Council in an administrative role. Mark had a stroke more recently but luckily he is still able to get out and about relatively independently. [1061]

Shiraz was picking up one of his sports cars from a Hall Green garage today to return to his home near-by. I’d noticed it around for years and he also owns another unusual car – one the same as mine. For work, Mark has been running Carpet Elite in Dudley and seemed to be enjoying success with it. [1191]

Rob graduated as a Civil Engineer in 2008 but was made redundant two years into his first job. He was fortunate enough to find another role quickly and being able to work from home, found time to start a photographic project. Rob moved to Hall Green in 1998 but hasn’t stayed in anywhere for long in the last eight years. He’s currently enjoying the community spirit in Stirchley and is due to start a new job soon. [1205]

So that concludes this phase of the project; 100 people on the Stratford Road photographed and told. I’m planning a few best-of, analytical and written posts over the coming months so stay tuned and thanks for looking. Photos also on flickr.

About Rob Gilbert

Civil engineer and amateur photographer.
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