Hall Green and Shirley – 02/03/12

Michael has always lived in Birmingham and started his career as a solicitor in the city centre during the 1980s. Although living in Moseley, he now works in Hall Green specialising property and was on his way to a near-by bank. [1144]

Nikki was heading to her sister’s house in Shirley after a day at college training to become a security guard. She said she’d always tended towards typically male jobs based on the theory that they’ll be easier to get as a woman. Nikki lives in Winston Green and doesn’t travel on much of the Stratford Road, sticking to the Hall Green and Shirley areas when possible. [-134]

Steve (and Amy, below) were on the Stratford Road today with their baby girl. Steve has lived all over Birmingham following various jobs but originates from the Hall Green area. He’s just got a new band going so keep an eye out for FEA. [-231]

Amy (with Steve, above) is a full-time mother said things were going well with her first child. She’s originally from Leicester but came to Birmingham when she was 11. Amy and Steve have just settled into Hall Green primarily because of the good value home they found. [-231]

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Civil engineer and amateur photographer.
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  1. Cllr Peter Doyle says:

    Why not check out my blog – I am the local Councillor for Shirley and have just put out my March Newsletter – http://pdoyle.co.uk/2012/03/16/cllr-peter-doyles-march-newsletter/

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