Sparkbrook to Hall Green – 26/12/11

Rory came to Birmingham from Ireland in 1969 to find work and has generally lived locally to the Stratford Road. He commented how back then all the faces is Sparkhill were white whilst he worked in construction and as a lorry and plant driver. [1004]

Hussain came out to query what I was doing photographing the shop he worked in when I told him about the project. The haberdashery was work whilst his wife studied for a post-graduate diploma but he plans to return to Pakistan to escape the current economic climate here in the UK. [350]

Ali was helping to man a friend’s restaurant where I had stopped for lunch and we discussed the apparently few differences between Islam and Christianity. He is originally from Pakistan like the majority of Sparkhill and Sparkbrook people I’ve spoken to and now works part time as a cleaner after finishing at a local factory. [284]

Marcia was on her way to her brother’s house on the Stratford Road and although we spoke briefly she seemed keen and positive about the project as a born and bred resident of the city and area. [193]

Mr Lally was out shopping on the Stratford Road with family when I approached him. He was visiting from Scotland with his wife for the holidays but prefers the greener and clearer Birmingham to his permanent residence in Glasgow. [431]

Mrs Lally was proud to speak of Mr Lally’s head chef status of a restaurant in Glasgow. [431]

Rushabh was in India until eight or nine years ago and is currently studying computer science at Birmingham City University. He lives locally and was on his way to the bus stop going into Birmingham. [1080]

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About Rob Gilbert

Civil engineer and amateur photographer.
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  1. meredith says:

    these are really beautiful portraits.

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