Sparkhill, Hall Green and Shirley – 10/08/11 and 15/08/11

Amaanullah was on his way into Birmingham when I approached him in Hall Green but he actually lives in Sparkhill. He was born a Muslim and has Asperger syndrome but the past four years had seen a massive change and I wouldn’t have noticed if not told – interestingly his handedness changed a few years ago. Amaan has been a high-achiever in education and is due to study Chemical Engineering at university shortly. [1319]

Mic is from West Bromwich but had just finished checking some ducting on a new signal system at the Solihull Road junction in Shirley. I asked about the system and he explained it to me. Mic is also a photographer and carries a Pentax film SLR to shoot any interesting graffiti, afterwards he took my photo for the collection! [-266]

Tracy lives in Knowle but works in Shirley for a property developer. We had a short discussion on the engineering market (I’m a Civil Engineer) and how businesses such as the one she works at have diversified. [-325]

Terry is originally from just outside the north-west of Birmingham but would like to live in the country eventually. [1110]

Hassan works for an energy company in Birmingham in a sales capacity, unlike most of the other people I’ve met on this project he directed his photograph a little. [566]

Dave had made a rare trip to Shirley today, partly to use one of the supermarkets on the parade. He was a Children’s Literature lecturer in Birmingham but also ran the university library, he is now retired and lives in Solihull. [-249]

Martin was on his way home but was taking a break on a bench with an energy drink when I spoke to him. Whilst currently out of work he aspires to be a social worker. [1548]

Paul has been working with Birmingham City Council since 1986 and was mowing the central reserve of dual carriageway section of the Stratford Road when I approached him. He lives in south-west Birmingham, and we discussed the merits of early-start early-finish shifts and the overseas work opportunities someone like me should take. [1410]

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Civil engineer and amateur photographer.
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2 Responses to Sparkhill, Hall Green and Shirley – 10/08/11 and 15/08/11

  1. Cat Fitz says:

    This is really interesting, Rob. A resissue of a book of photos taken on the New York underground in the 1980s has just come out in case you’re interested.

    Hope all’s well in America.

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