Hall Green and Shirley – 07/07/11 and 09/07/11

Here are the people from my first outings in Hall Green and Shirley. Posted in order taken.

Muhammad and his business partner Majidali were scouting for potential sites to expand their motor business on the Stratford Road. Continues below… [1362]

Majidali and Muhammod already have successful businesses in Sparkbrook and the large but derelict Ford showroom-garage complex suited them because of the residential surroundings. [1362]

David had just finished his work day at a semi-precious scrap metal merchants. As with all other business I’d encountered so far, trade was going well due to the high prices which have been around for a year or two. He was a super friendly guy who was more than happy to have his picture taken – perhaps because he used to be into photography himself. [1540]

Angie was dragged out of the shop she worked at by two colleagues after I’d told them about the project. She has always lived locally in Shirley and like her workmates, was most worried about how her hair would come out in the photo. [200]

Sainab caught my eye because  of her awesome bright green dress embroid with orange jewels which she seemed to be rightly proud of. Whilst originally from Gambia in West Africa, Sainab moved to Ireland with her husband before coming to England with her two children. [1551]

Babelle was waiting with Sainab at a bus stop and came to England from Angola some time ago, she was more than happy to have her photo taken but their bus came before I had time to find out more. [1551]

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Civil engineer and amateur photographer.
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2 Responses to Hall Green and Shirley – 07/07/11 and 09/07/11

  1. fahad says:

    great work….. all i wanna say is that its not that hard for the world to see and understand that people from far far ends are living in one place and they are enjoying life litrally they are so why not the whole world ? wish u luck

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