Sparkbrook, Sparkhill and Springfield – 29/06/11 and 05/07/11

People from the first two outings of the project. Posted in order shot.

Roger was the first person I approached on this project and he was kind enough to let me take his photo. Originally from Small Heath, an area neighbouring Sparkbrook, Roger now lives in Knowle but happened to be using one of the many hand car wash services whilst his wife did some shopping. [1014]

Andy is part of the team building a new primary care centre for Sparkhill, he was on his lunch break with a couple of colleagues when I took his photo. [806]

Ian spent most of his working life with Birmingham City Council but eventually retired to Spain. Unfortunately he had to return home following some ill health. [636]

Muhinder was the first subject I had some difficulty communicating with as I didn’t speak his language. Despite this I gathered that he had emigrated from India about 40 years ago and operates a local embroidery factory. In hindsight this was partly given away by the more elaborate stitch work I remember on his clothing. [591]

Danny told me he was a born and bred Brummy as he headed to pick his son up from school but a couple of years in London had certainly defined his accent. [613]

Aftab was standing in the doorway of his fast-food restaurant when he happily agreed to be part of this project. He has been working there for two years and business is going well –  which explains the huge number of chicken-based fast food shops opening around the UK. I was even offered some food which was most welcome on the way back of my six mile trip that day. [579]

Salim was instrumental in persuading a couple of his of friends to have their photo taken after I approached the group which was very helpful. Salim worked for Rover in various locations across England and the West Midlands for 40 years before taking early retirement from the late Longbridge plant in south Birmingham. [567]

Yousafzai surprised me when he said he was from Holland but he left and came to Birmingham for his retirement. [567]

Arif seemed to have lived in pretty much every major British city but was adamant that Birmingham was the best and that’s why he’s spending his retirement living near the Stratford Road. [567]

Aziz came to Birmingham with a friend six years ago after leaving Afghanistan and currently works as a butcher. [415]

Kelly moved to Birmingham for university and stayed as a teacher working on the Stratford Road. [591]

These can also be found on flickr.


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Civil engineer and amateur photographer.
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One Response to Sparkbrook, Sparkhill and Springfield – 29/06/11 and 05/07/11

  1. M. Yusuf says:

    Arif, once called a Caribbean man a ‘slave’ in the William Hill bookies on the Stratford Road – Showell Green Lane corner. The police were called in and he was escorted out. He thought that no one would do anything to him because he walks with crutches.

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